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About me

Hello! My name is Thom, I've been professionally GMing online since the tail end of 2018. I started hosting paid sessions as a way to feed my hobby and also provide the best content I could to my players. This included getting art commissioned for commercial use, music licenses and other third party materials. My players told me that I should run this or that and so I did. In regards to systems-- D&D: 5e I am very knowledge and have ran extensively. 4e I've ran a few campaigns and wouldn't call myself an expert, 3.X/Pathfinder was the system I skipped to be blunt. I've mostly played systems that use it like Mutants and Masterminds. AD&D, B/X and 1e I'm rather fluent in as well. Dungeons and Dragons aside, I have a love and appreciate for quite a few game systems. Most popular titles I am familiar with and could run. If I had to say a particular niche I excel in, I would say OSR games (DCC and Mork Borg are two favs!). I am a huge fan of that scene, am a content creator and love supporting other indie/osr/small press devs. Of course, I can't go without mentioning the PbtA system and the games that come with it.

GM style

I find myself to be a rather flexible GM. I do my diligence and plan appropriately but am fully capable of improving. I do *some* voices here and there, but I am no means a professional VA. I tend to cater to the group that I GMing for and the game system when it comes to crunch vs. fast and loose theater of the mind. I find that I can keep a good narrative pace and incorporate what the players would like to do while driving the game forward. I tend to keep a nice balance of rules as written, rules as intended and rules as fun. I also have a fair amount of experience weaving character arcs into an extended campaign.

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