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About me

I am a Canadian actor studied in Theater Performance. I originally got into Tabletop Roleplay during college and have been playing ever since. From trying a bunch of different systems during college, I landed on a homebrew of the D6 system (basically we only roll six sided dice). I find it's easy for new players to learn and allows for the most malleable character creation. I have a focus on roleplaying and run a Sandbox Dungeon Master style (that is where my players play in the world and I'm just along for the ride). I'm really looking for players who are wanting to have a fun experience and commit to the characters that they create. I prefer play on Tabletop Simulator for the 3D miniatures as well as voice over discord. Write your own story! Can't wait to meet you!

GM style

I'm an actor by trade, so fun and creative characters is where I excel. I also love building character backstory through the Timeline method, which really allows both player and DM to understand the character beyond typical means. I play within Sandbox, which means I present the Campaign or main mission of how all of these characters have come together, and then I leave world exploring to my players. If my party wants to play darts in a tavern for the whole session, then that's what happens. The power is in the players.

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