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About me

Dive into Middle-earth in ways unmatched by movies, computer games, or even books! Experience the stories you always wished Tolkien had written! Traverse the lands and go on adventures you imagined lay just around the next corner in Bilbo's road, just out of sight of Frodo and the Fellowship! Take on the role of hero, of protector, of sage advisor in a land perpetually threatened by the Shadow! - - - Hello, I'm Kris! Professional GM and Middle-earther extraordinaire. Welcome to my profile, and thanks for browsing by! If you are looking for an exclusive, immersive journey through the lands of Middle-earth, you have come to the right place. I have been a GM and player of table-top role-playing games for 33+ years, with a particular (though not exclusive) focus on the imaginative worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien. And now I look forward to taking YOU on a journey through magical lands, too. (To get a taste for how I run my games, take a look at the recorded sessions linked from the Twitch and YouTube icons at the bottom of this profile page.) - - - While my main focus lies in offering one-shots and campaigns set in Middle-earth (running game systems like The One Ring, Adventures in Middle-earth, or Middle-Earth Role Playing), I also run games using the Dungeons & Dragons game system (especially 5e, as well as the vintage 1e and 2e rule sets). If there is a specific game you would like to play and I am not currently offering it, simply contact me (select the "Contact this GM" button at the top of this profile page) with details of the kind of session or campaign you would like me to run for you! There are two options for hiring me to run a game for you: - Join me and other players for one of my scheduled one-shots or campaigns (I welcome inquiries for additional games on different days or at different times than those currently scheduled)! - Book my services for a one-shot or campaign according to your own specifications and with people of your own choosing (simply select the "Book This GM" button at the top of this profile page)! A standard session will run 3-4 hours; longer sessions are possible and will be billed as multiples of a standard session (i.e., a 7-hour session will be billed as two standard sessions). NOTE: For custom one-shots and campaigns, I generally ask for 2 weeks' notice to prepare for one-shots and 4 weeks' notice for campaigns to allow for writing and set-up. - For short-notice bookings of custom one-shots, I charge a one-time added fee of $30 (less than 2 weeks to prepare) or a one-time added fee of $50 (less than 1 week to prepare) to allow for writing and set-up. - For short-notice bookings of custom campaigns, I charge a one-time added fee of $50 (less than 4 weeks to prepare) or a one-time added fee of $100 (less than 3 weeks to prepare) or a one-time added fee of $200 (less than 2 weeks to prepare) to allow for writing and set-up. I do not accept requests for a custom campaign with less than 1 week to prepare.

GM style

In most of my games, I put the emphasis on ROLEplay (in a way that meets the interests and comfort levels of my players). I love to make a scene or a character or an interaction memorable, so I throw myself into my creations and into our collaborative story-telling to make the adventure and the world around you come to life. Whether silly or serious, you can expect voices, expect accents, expect atmospheric music and sounds. By extension, I also love it when players put themselves into their characters and come up with interesting, quirky, detailed backstories; I love to help my players explore their characters exploring the worlds and adventures I put before them, and they can expect the rewards in exciting game play and deeply involving stories that come out of that interactivity. That said, I also appreciate a good old dungeon crawl and will happily GM one for you. I still have some of the very first dungeons I drew up on graph paper, and Temple of Elemental Evil will always stick in my mind as the most amazingly developed dungeon crawl of all time.


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