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About me

Hello I am Dennis Koonce. I have been playing and GMing TTRPGs for almost 8 years now more so running on 9 so probably not as long as some of the other people here, but I think I do a good job at trading experience for my storytelling. I am a short story writer and I'm at the point of finishing my first book. I take a lot of time when it comes to my world-building to give players the best experience possible. I love world-building and creating stories that include the characters of the players. I have played and read tons of games from the deep grimdark of the Wrath and Darkness 40K system to the vast and infinite imagination it takes to run a My Little Pony adventure module for 5E for my pastor's granddaughter and her friends. So, when it comes down to it I have a huge experience in GMing and playing in and out of my comfort zone. All the settings I run will in some way be related to the world that I write my books in mainly because I feel like that creates a more natural history for my world than something that's 100% written out. Yeah, the end result probably could be the same but it's the story to the end that really matters in my mind. I am a GM who likes to prioritize the rule of cool most of the time unless it becomes super egregious.

GM style

I absolutely love roleplay in my games because of how it develops characters but do not think I won't be throwing in some challenging combat scenarios, some of which you probably won't win by fighting. I am a GM who likes to make his games really dynamic as this is a story all of us are telling and each of us has our own way of telling it.

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