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Chris Patrick

3 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Rule of Cool

About me

I'm an old-school role player and game master. Everything started with an innocent game of AD&D in the 90s and then I was hooked without any chance to escape. I used to run demos and tournament games since the beginning of my role-player life as well as custom games for groups for in-company team building sessions and kids in summer camps. This was way before VTTs and online games where a thing, but now that they exist I'm taking advantage of all those resources to improve my games and to find more players all around the world. I like running games in different systems, from classical and medieval settings to cyberpunk and even futurist settings. Games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Robotech, Vampire and Star Wars are among my favorites and I play several more! I prefer story over rules and player's participation is encouraged in my games. My games are LGBTQ+, newbies, and oldies friendly. Respect and camaraderie are expected in my games. The idea is to have fun and meet new people! I run games in both English and Spanish. My native language is Spanish (from Venezuela) and I'm fully bilingual.

GM style

I love role play and stories over tactical and technical, but I've always said that everything has a place and a time. I like using maps and visuals when it brings more clarity to the game, but the theater of the mind is where my games take place most of the time. I love using props and handouts to illustrate better what characters sense.

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