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About me

*At this time I am not accepting new game requests, but I will be returning in ~April 2024* A long-time nerd versed in the Old Ways and the New, some call me strange, touched, or even... Demented! But you can call me Nate, if you prefer. I've lived and breathed the RPG hobby since I fell into it twenty years ago. In my youth, I fought in the Star Wars, the Mech Wars, even the Edition Wars. I've seen crystal spheres collapse under their own weight, and I've wept tears for every game cut short due to that dread monster: Scheduling Conflict! Well, no more! I've made it my mission to help carry as many games over the line of completed campaigns as I can. Do you dare to join me?

GM style

I'm a roleplay-heavy GM who strives to create a living and breathing world for characters to inhabit, though I never mind throwing dice in some down-and-dirty combat. I seek to adapt my style to the group I'm running for, but especially enjoy atmospheric set-piece fights and sympathetic villains that live just a hair's-breadth over the moral event horizon... or do they? While I specialize in horror and sci-fi gaming, I enjoy running almost anything. If you don't see the game you're looking for, I'm always looking for more systems to learn. Give me time (and preferably some kind of quick-start demo) and I'll run a starter adventure. I consider myself beholden to the table I'm running for, not the rulebook, and I'm willing to fudge a roll for the sake of the story. But beware! Your character might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later your dice will dance with the reaper. I've run for every level of experience from agéd grognards to fresh-faced Critical Role converts and everything in-between, and utilize safety tools to maintain comfort for everyone. I run an inclusive game focused on keeping the players comfortable (even as their characters are pressed to their limits).

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