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I am your Default Dungeon Master! I started playing board games as a young child, eventually making my way towards TTRPGs, and finally Dungeons and Dragons. Everything changed in my life when I realized the potential of D&D and its infinite possibilities. Dungeons and Dragons was the perfect creative engine to drive me towards unlimited expression. I have been working on a open-world sandbox campaign for 2 years now. I love being a DM and making stories with my Players. In the past 2 years, I have run multiple campaigns, many custom one-shots, and custom campaigns. I have introduced many people to D&D 5e and DMed for many experience players as well. Lets go on a adventure together!

GM style

I believe DnD is a creative space for all, creating some of the greatest and unique moments that can be experienced. I take great inspiration from Dungeon Masters such as Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension20) and Matthew Mercer (CriticalRole) I specialize in Open-World games, a living and breathing world, that keeps moving even when your group has stopped to rest. Every decision you make changes the world around you. I am currently looking for DnD players to explore the world of Gurgbakhistan. A 10,000km by 7,000km country filled with millions of people and thousands of cities with lives unknown to most. Pick a class, a race, a genre and I'll find you a campaign in this gargantuan world.


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