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Hi! My name is Cory Stolberg, thanks for looking at my profile! Some stuff about me. I have been running games for various people in my life for over 10 years now. My parents/family, friends, friends of friends, even family of friends! I have a massive passion for gaming and role-playing. The experiences I have at the table with dice in hand are some of the best moments of my life. I run games that are focused on story. Role-playing and storytelling are my specialties, everything from published modules to homebrew games. I love sitting down and really immersing myself in the story and the characters as they hijinx around an ever changing world. I finally decided to look into professional hosting for games when I was told for the 100th time by various players that I should look into it. Dnd and role-playing is my biggest passion, and I would love to be able to expand that passion into more of my life! I am open to run basically anything a given party wants! From a hijynx filled high skies adventure to a dark and gritty Gothic horror I love it all! I can run homebrew or dnd modules if the party would prefer! I would love to hear from you if you are interested in a game! Thanks for reading! My own lines as a DM. I stray away from basically anything overly sexual in my games. Hard no's for me is anything involving sexual assault, as well as imposing or expecting anything sexual from any characters including NPC'S . I also do not include any overt racism or classism against a PC unless that Player specifically says they want to deal with that kind of stuff as part of their own RP, and as long as every player at the table is ok with it. I do not tolerate any kind of discrimination at my table for any reason. Anyone who acts in such a way for any reason at any time will be asked to leave. This is a 0 tolerence policy. My table is a safe place for anyone to play anything they wish and if you don't like that then you shouldn't be at my table. As such if anyone is uncomfortable for any reason I would encourage you to please speak out, or at the very least send me a message. Veils Anything romantic, between the pcs or the npcs, will be fade to black. Any violence with children will be fade to black Nudity may be mentioned in an offhand way but will never be fully described.

GM style

My games typically focus very heavy in story. Role-playing and storytelling usually take a front seat in most of my games, with those stories ranging from small scale village problems to world ending threats. I use various voices to add color to my NPC's but am by no means a professional voice actor. I love good backgrounds for characters, and try to include those in stories as much as possible, assuming the player is ok with it. My favorite moments are when players are really immersed, playing their characters and interacting with the world we have helped create.

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