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Rick Ferreira

Professional Game Master
Rick Ferreirahe/him

Player for
10 years
GM for
5 years
Hosted over
2 games

About me

I'm a passionate and experienced Dungeon Master with a flair for the dramatic, the fantastic, and whimsical. I love roleplaying and the collaborative experience of playing a TTRPG(Tabletop Role Playing Game). As a former manager of a FLGS(Friendly Local Game Store) I ran TTRPG games professionally - for individuals and on occasion corporate team building sessions.

GM style

I love setting scenes and building worlds so my player's characters can explore and become invested in their adventures. I love learning about my players' characters and helping to weave their stories into the story. I put in the time to make my worlds come alive and bring my players into their adventures. I am happy to write and handle everything, and I am happy to involve players in helping build the world and story by collaborating inside and outside the game. I encourage creativity and "in-world" thinking. Tell me why your character wants the lost sword of the archfey or how does your character approach the idol on the platform and remove it. A word on game systems and settings: -If you want to play D&D I tend to run things in the Forgotten Realms and focus on the Sword Coast as it is the current setting for D&D 5e. -If you want to play Tales From the Loop, I tend to set the games in Gainesville, FL around 1985. Mostly because I spent my teenage years there so I can describe it way better than another location. -If you want to play Lancer, Wrath & Glory, or Soulbound then the systems have their respective settings and we'll use those. (I'm an avid Warhammer fan so we'll definitely have a ball.)


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