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About me

Hi, I'm Dan! I've been playing tabletop games for a long time, and one of my favorite things in the world is giving new players a fun, friendly introduction into my favorite hobby. I have a great track record of running games for people who are hesitant to try it, curious spouses who are worried about being overwhelmed, or young people who aren't quite sure how to get started. I play private games, in person and online, all the time, but I have also volunteered and run games at conventions, book stores, game stores, and public libraries - all with the intention of getting groups of people invested in the magic of a shared story. If you're looking for a GM who is great at introducing groups to new games, if you're looking to broaden your group's experience outside of the world's most popular roleplaying game™, or if you're just looking for someone who has enough experience running games to keep combat rounds from taking forty-five minutes, I'm excited to talk with you. I run a huge variety of games. Tabletop is a huge hobby, and there's something for everyone. I'm a firm believer in finding a game that fits for the group that wants to play. I have experience with Dungeons and Dragons, Lancer, Year Zero games like Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop, old school revival games like Dungeon Crawl Classics and Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Blades in the Dark, Ryuutama, Powered by the Apocalypse games like Monster of the Week and Spirit of '77, Shadowrun, Starfinder, Symbaroum, Heart, Spire, Alternity, Mekton Z, and many more. I get huge personal satisfaction from helping people find a game and a story that feels magical and sticks with them for years -- it's one of the best feelings in this world.

GM style

I'm great at getting players involved. I like collaborative decision making, active listening, and using the mechanics of each particular game to guide interesting character choices. Each group calls for a different approach, since keeping everyone engaged is job one, and I take the time to learn the preferences, opinions, and play goals of each player at the table. I like my games to include a sense of exploration and wonder, with rich locations and little mysteries hidden wherever I can pepper them in. I feel that the rules of the game are there to establish stakes to a narrative, and I tend to use them to create narrative pressure - for example, I tend not to shower groups with treasure and magic items, since I find that scarcity makes each discovery more meaningful.

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