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I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years! I still remember getting my first boxed set as a gift and how excited I was imagining all the incredible adventures I would have with my friends. I love how a good game brings people of all kinds together to create a unique and fantastic story. Most recently, I've been Dm-ing an online campaign for over 6 years, which has been an amazing experience. I think many people dream of playing in a long form campaign and the fact we've been able to keep it going for so long without anyone losing interest is something I'm incredible proud of. The most important thing for me when running a game is to make sure that everyone has fun. I do my best to give each player at my table a chance to shine and try to tailor my games to match their interests. I'd say that though I love telling a compelling story, I like to add a fair bit of silliness in my games. So that's something you should expect if we play together. I joined StartPlaying because I want to play more D&D! I've been having a great time playing 5e and there are still a lot of adventures I want to experience. I figured this would be a great way to play more games, meet more incredible people and further develop my skills as a DM. After all, the best way to get better at something is to do that thing even more!

GM style

The thing I love most about playing DM'ing is creating opportunities for people to laugh, have fun and tell a great story together. The DM should be the ultimate host, making sure that everyone stays safe and has a good time. I do this by starting all my games with a "Session 0" to make sure all players, and myself, have the same expectations for the type of game we will be playing. I also use Monte Cook's "Consent in Gaming" worksheet to make sure we all have a clear understanding of any content that should be avoided during our games. During gameplay, I generally play with the rules as written, but often defer to the "Rule of Cool" if it creates a better moment for the player or the story. I encourage my players to tell me what they want to accomplish in any scene so we can see if there's a way to make it work. Hey, if it's in within reason, I'll at least let you roll for it. My games have a good combination of RP and combat. My focus is to make the combat interesting, give the players a chance to shine and most importantly, make sure it serves the story. Again, as the DM, I'm playing with you, not against you. I encourage my players to role-play as much as they feel comfortable. If you like to describe your hero's actions instead of speaking "in character," that's fine. I do think it's an important part of the game. So I will be looking for moments to have you engage with other players or NPCs; asking how your character would react in various situations, and finding ways to help flesh them out and tell their story. I use a variety of online tools and assets to create an immersive and interesting experience for my players, but I am in no means dependent on them. Overall my goal is to keep the game moving. So if Roll20 is giving us trouble expect to see me make a call on the fly or pick up some physical dice and start rolling. I love playing with new players and I'm happy to meet up before the game to talk about your character. There's a lot of D&D modules for 5e that I personally want to play, so that's what I will primarily be running. If there's a specific module you are interested in, let me know. Online Tools: Roll 20 Digital Maps and Tokens Discord KenkuFM DND Beyond Beyond 20 Other tools Consent and Safety Form X-Card

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