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About me

Greetings! As a Gamemaster, above all I want players to have fun and become friends. I developed most of my best friends through playing D&D. I first played the original Dungeons & Dragons when I was 11 years old and played and DM'd Advanced D&D all the way through the end of high school. About 6 years ago I started playing D&D 5e and DMing about 4 years ago. I encourage roleplaying, creativity, strategic thinking and collaboration. Player vs. Player aggression is not acceptable. I'm a published author of two fantasy novels, and my second award-winning novel, A Greater Monster, is a psychedelic fairytale praised by Jeff VanderMeer. I'm also an artist with a gallery on Etsy and my own website, and I've been featured in multiple gallery shows. I have also been an actor and improviser, having spent many years performing on stage in Chicago, and my acting skills help bring NPCs to life in my games. I'm also open to one-off games by request! My schedule is fairly open right now, and there's a good chance I can make myself available to run a session or multiple sessions at a time that works for you. Reach out and let's see what we can work out!

GM style

I encourage variety in game play--a balance of roleplaying, strategic combat, social encounters, exploration and above all fun! I will be crafting our games as much as possible personalized around your characters, their backstories and their personalities. I've built a unique original world for 5e called Heroes of Yggdrasil, the One Tree, that I would like to invite more players to live in and to shape adventures around your characters. You will experience unique detailed environments as I use several mapping programs and invest significant time to build beautiful encounter maps. As an actor and improviser, I bring voices and personalities to NPCs and like to have fun roleplaying with my players. I welcome beginners to experienced players and want everyone to feel collaborative. Player vs. Player aggression will not be tolerated, and I will use safety tools and Session Zero discussions to ensure this. The tone of my games runs from wacky to weird and sometimes surreal with elements of horror. I use a combination of Foundry VTT for maps and tokens, Discord for voice & video, and D&D Beyond for character sheets and dice rolling. I own all the rule books on D&D Beyond and will be able to share that content with my players to help you build your characters and for you to read at any time on your own! I'll help everyone get set up properly. Above all, I want everyone to have fun and hopefully make some new friends!

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