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šŸŒŸ About Me: Your Expert Dungeon Master šŸŒŸ Greetings, fellow players! šŸ—”ļøāœØ I am Ramiro, your dedicated Dungeon Master, ready to craft unforgettable and immersive tales for your next tabletop adventure. I have more than 10 years of experience as a player and as a DM. I have been working in my own hombrew world for some time, so I hope we can all have fun in it. šŸŽ² Rules Mastery: Fear not the complexities of rulebooks! As a seasoned Dungeon Master, I navigate rule sets with ease, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for both novice and experienced players. I prioritize fun, creativity, and collaborative storytelling over strict adherence to rules. šŸ¤ Collaborative Storytelling: Your characters are the heroes/villains of this tale, and I'm here to facilitate your epic journey. I encourage player agency, character development, and unexpected plot twists that arise from the collaborative efforts of the entire party. I hope we can build a story together.

GM style

I tend to let the narrative determine what type of game we are having. I can do both lengthy combat and roleplaying sessions, or a mixture of both. I play with some homebrew depending on the type of campaign and, if you consult me first, I agree with every idea you may have, as long as is not very powergamey.

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