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About me

It all started long ago with school friend buying RuneQuest and asking us to play it. I still remember the first times, encountering strange creatures and playing as part of the story. From there, I have played and been GM in all kinds of rpgs. I do live rpg once a month with my long-term group of friends. The game system is something I have been creating quite a long time, system which I have almost published twice. My best received genres are fantasy and fallout. Personally, my best campaign was Immortal which expanded from dark age to the near future. We had so much fun in that one. I keep getting back to Star Wars campaigns - really like the moments we have had.

GM style

I very rarely use any pre-made material or world descriptions. I tend to read them, rip them apart for ideas, and use those in mixture of my own thoughts. My way of being GM is follow the rules, lot of skill rolls, and let the players take the stage. I'm not fan of "rail-roading" the story. I have a story done, and players are a big part of it. Usually the story takes totally unexpected turns, because... well, players.

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