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About me

After being inspired by Season One of Stranger Things, like many others, I developed a strong desire to play tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). When a friend invited me to join their campaign, I eagerly seized the opportunity. Although that particular game lasted only four weeks, it ignited a passion within me that led to starting my own campaign shortly thereafter. Since then, TTRPGs have become a cherished obsession of mine. Coming from a background adjacent to teaching, I naturally gravitate towards games that are new-player friendly or have a strong focus on guiding and supporting beginners. I take joy in helping others learn the intricacies of TTRPGs, and to date, I have assisted over 30 individuals in their journey of becoming players. As a Game Master (GM), my influences span a wide range, reflecting my diverse nerdy interests. Whether it's Anime, Star Trek/Star Wars, Bioware games, or Bethesda games, all of these have left their mark on my GMing style and game design choices. They serve as my primary sources of inspiration when crafting engaging and immersive experiences for my players. In my role as a GM, I exclusively run homebrew games utilizing the Pathfinder 2E system. Drawing upon my creativity, I design and develop unique worlds that serve as the backdrop for my campaigns. This allows me the freedom to tailor the game experience to the specific interests and preferences of my players, creating a truly customized adventure. By combining my passion for teaching, diverse influences, and love for homebrew creations, I strive to provide memorable TTRPG experiences that both entertain and inspire my players.

GM style

My DM style revolves around prioritizing player agency while maintaining a focused experience for everyone involved. During game preparation, I dedicate my efforts to creating dynamic NPCs and Factions that possess distinct goals and ambitions. These objectives are influenced by the player's interactions with the game world, allowing them to shape and drive the central conflicts within my games. Behind the screen, I tend to adopt a flexible approach to rules. I view rules as tools that assist players in maintaining consistency, and it is my responsibility to utilize them as guidelines in order to create the best possible experience. To illustrate, in one of my games, a player's father became entangled in a conflict with the party. This player harbored a deep hatred for their father, with backstory reasons driving their desire for his demise. Although the father's hit points reached zero within a couple of rounds, I intentionally kept him alive until the player had their turn, allowing them the satisfaction of dealing the final blow. In my games, I prioritize a narrative focus, emphasizing non-combat encounters as well. I avoid requesting repetitive rolls unless they serve a purpose within the story. When it comes to combat, I tend to be lenient, as I am averse to unnecessarily killing off players unless they willingly put themselves in dire situations. Ideally, player death occurs either upon the completion of a story arc or by the player's choice. One of my primary influences as a GM is Matthew Colville, whose insights and style have greatly shaped my approach to running games.

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