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Joe | Daring Dice

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About me

Fancy meeting you here! I am a BIPOC professional Dungeon Master (DM) and have been guiding adventurers in D&D 5e along their destined paths since 2016. One of my groups and I just wrapped up an almost 5-year long homebrew campaign with myself as the DM. -I ensure all at my table have a safe space to be themselves and can immerse themselves in their characters. -I strive to ensure that everyone at the table has their time to shine. -I have over 4,000 active hours logged as a DM. -I enjoy running published modules and homebrew campaigns with my own handmade battlemaps. When I run a game my goal is to ensure that every player has a good time at the table. That starts with me making sure anyone and everyone feels like they have a safe space as soon as they pull up to a game. Each player feeling welcomed and comfortable is key as it affords everyone the opportunity to become fully immersed in-game. I love a group with diverse backgrounds and personalities and have lead campaigns with beginners and experienced players. Whether you're running from a hoard of gnolls or just sitting around the campfire listening to the soft crackling of burning wood players are listened to, encouraged, respected, and given the freedom to be creative at my table. I have no problem running pre-made modules and especially love running homebrewed content that is sculpted around my players and their interests. Most of my DM experience is with 5e but I am willing and happy to learn other editions of D&D and other game systems for interested players. I am also happy to run one-shots or longer campaigns for groups that are ready to walk down the path on your map marked "Adventures Abound".

GM style

My games generally have a good balance between roleplay and combat with the scale tipping more towards roleplaying. One of my favorite aspects of running a game is character development. Player characters (PC's) decisions help shape the world and decide the outcome of future events. Additionally, I like to give each player their time to shine and discover the greatness that their characters are destined for. Throwing interesting non-player characters (NPC's), hardships, obscure references, and fun villains is just a bonus. I mostly stick to rules as written for structure in campaigns but understand that creativity should not always be contained and will adhere to "The Rule of Cool". For those who are not aware, this rule simply states if something is proposed that makes the game more interesting or exciting, let it happen. And finally, I try to keep the pace balanced. I endeavor to respect players’ ensuring they can achieve their goals, understand the settings in which they are placed, and pose questions whenever they feel the need to do so. So, where should we dare to adventure next?


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