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About me

Hi all! My name is Ashaun Jackson otherwise known as DapprWombat. I am an African American Pansexual male who wanted to create games to invite more POC and queer folks to join to one day spark the hope of them wanting to run their very own. I am also the Dungeon Master and Showrunner for the Tales of Adventure: Agents of B.O.O podcast. I have been playing ttrpgs for 15 years and have experience in a wide variety such as: Pathfinder Dungeon and Dragons Starfinder Shadowrun To name a few.

GM style

WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: I consider myself as a GM who will allow to my players to try anything as I am here to tell a great story and overall maximize a great experience for everyone at the table ( Myself Included). Leaving where the dice to wherever they may fall to tell engaging stories of both success, and failure. I want players to use all the tools at their disposal, to experiment with the new tools I introduce, and be able to use them in vastly different ways and, as such, I make difficult encounters but with enough caveat for players to still succeed. As long as you walk me through your process and what logical steps you took to reach the conclusion, I'm all for it...WITHIN REASON. Being both BIMPOC and Queer myself, my tables are Safe and Brave Spaces for those who identify as such. Forms of discrimination at all will not be tolerated in my games. SESSION EXPECTATIONS/ Breakdowns: There will always be a 5-minute break about halfway through each Session and will always average around 2 hours. Modules are customized to better fit both Player Characters and DM styles. The core experience of the adventure will be utilized and familiar feeling, but not identical to the books. As such I will send a message to all involved both the day before and 1 hour before the Day of session. I will allow a grace period of 15mins for a no response. IF YOU ARE TO ARRIVE MUCH LATER OR TO NOT SHOW UP FOR GAME, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE! I will send out two reminders only and afterwards I will start the session proper.   TYPICAL SESSION LAYOUT: Most Sessions will have at least 1 battle, and tons of opportunity for players to engage in the story and learn clues about the world and plot in hand.. But I follow the players. If role-play, combat, or exploration is the theme for the day, we'll follow that! For Roll20, I bring high quality, immersive maps (non-animated) for the majority of situations and an appropriate amount for other TTRPGs that are less reliant on battle maps. A soundboard for fun effects, music to match the mood, and a fair amount of voice acting for NPCs. Session 0 Rules/ Expectations: For most campaigns, a minimum of 3 or 4 players is required to launch Session 0. This helps guarantee a group dynamic and longevity of the group. Additionally, 1 or 2 players on a campaign night is not enough to justify the time, effort, and resources to run a normal session, plus others miss out on story beats, and valuable players are absent - those sessions will either be canceled or one-shots. Before the session 0 is scheduled, there will be a Lines and Veils document sent to each player to both maximize the amount of play at the table, but of what themes should be removed from play.


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