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About me

I'm a semi-professional person and all around were-adult who likes to run TTRPG to satisfy both my compulsive need to please people and my aversion to real life problems I can't control. I've been running games long enough to know that if your game doesn't at least partially run off of Air Bud "the rulebook doesn't say that a dog CAN'T play basketball"-style logic then you need a new game. On a more productive note I will say this; I enjoy creating a fun space for players to tackle challenges and tell stories, and that means gamers from across the spectrum. Racists, TERFs, and other various bigots will find my table about as welcoming as a kick to the genitals, and I have no problem turning down or returning money to drive that point home. As for game systems, I currently enjoy running/homebrewing D&D 5e, though I have run other systems before (Start Wars Saga Edition, Mutants & Masterminds, the Dragon Age ttrpg, Pathfinder 1e and VTM) and am willing to be flexible. Rules lawyers and power gamers will find themselves in an esoteric clusterfuck of a campaign from which they will not be able to escape unharmed. If you'd like a taste of my DM-ing style, checkout my D&D podcast/dumpster fire Disasters & Dragons (link below). Spotify Link:

GM style

My DM-ing style has been described as hilariously traumatizing given how frequently I jump between comedic and tragic elements. I will also say that my campaigns are not super friendly to rules lawyers or power gamers, as I tend to "shoot from the hip" when mechanics get boggy.


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