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About me

Hi, I'm Daniel(they/them) and I've been playing and running RPGs ever since I found the Basic D&D set at 8 years old. Since then, I've run campaigns in every edition of D&D, Pathfinder1E, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, FATE, and GURPS. I especially enjoy open-ended scenarios that allow players to find new and creative solutions to problems. I am a former math teacher and ran an after-school D&D club. I have spent a lot of time teaching new players and am excited to introduce you to the games I love, whether that means helping you find the most interesting ways to build a character, or doing the math so you don't have to! In particular, I am used to running games for LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent players, and strive to make my games accessible to everyone.

GM style

I think the key to a good story is to make the mood fit the genre. Heroic action should feel fast paced and high stakes, while horror should keep you worried about what's going to happen next. With my background in many different genres and game systems, I try to give each campaign a unique feel. I like to reward player initiative and ingenuity. Whether you're working to solve a puzzle or using your character's newest abilities in combat, the game is about you, and my job is to make a world that gives you opportunities to shine. This doesn't mean the players will always succeed, of course, as a narrow escape from certain death can make for a great story as well. In combat focused games, I create my own maps to make the encounters more interesting, using tools like multi-level combat and unusual terrain to create more dynamic battles. Your character's story begins long before our first session, and I want to help you bring a character you love to the table, so I believe strongly in collaborative character creation. Especially for new players and new systems, I want to work with you to make sure you have a character that you will enjoy playing and can use effectively to accomplish your goals. Collaborative character creation is also a great time to tie characters' backstories together, so that you have a shared history to tie in to your roleplay in game.

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