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Douglas (Dangit_Dugg)

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Storytelling

About me

If you're on this website, then presumably you're looking to play some TTRPs. Well, that's great because I'd love to run some for you! Name's Douglas by the way. My goal is always to run the type of game my players want to play. Silly, serious, or somewhere in between; I'll meet you there and together we'll craft amazing stories and unforgettable adventures (plus some inside jokes, I'm sure). Over the years, I have DMed for many first-time players and consider newer players somewhat of a specialty of mine. I’ve seen the pitfalls that catch newer players and I can help point them out. 5th edition D&D is my bread and butter. I have a strong understanding of rules and will explain them as many times as you need. That being said, if you aren’t new to these types of games, that same knowledge helps me to challenge and push you as well. I’d love to run some games for you. If you have any questions, please reach out!

GM style

Typically, I run games in my own world and setting but I have official modules and an open mind. Open communication is always at the forefront of my DMing style and we will work together to make sure all players feel comfortable at the table! Session zero is always collaborative, so we can create the character you want to play no matter how specific. This includes fitting your backstory and concept seamlessly into the world at large. A world whose creation you can help mold! Player focus and an interesting use of rules are what I build my sessions around. I take pride in my ability to help players work with the rules work without outright disregarding them. I love to sprinkle in a puzzling trap or unconventional chase sequence but what I love most of all is seeing my players have fun! It goes back to communication; I’ll always ask you what you’re looking for in a game and make that my focal point when encounter building. Though, I’ll likely throw in other elements to test engagement. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like aspects you don’t expect! I don’t tend to focus on the lore of pre-established worlds, but if you want lore I’ve got it in spades. At their core, TTRPGs are about creativity and I fully embrace that. While we play together, I’ll be there cheering on successes, bemoaning failures, and pushing you to try new and fun choices. At the end of the session, I’ll probably want to geek out with you about all the wild choices and rolls!

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