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About me

Behold! I am the great and powerful Damonimorph! Sit and listen as I weave your mind into the fabric of my reality! Join me and we shall embark on adventures grand! With my approximate knowledge of all things DnD I will guide you down the path to level 20! Err, I mean, greatness! So look into my eleven eyes and bask in the warmth of my antimagic cone as we embark on an unforgettable adventure!

GM style

I've been GMing for 5 years and I know DnD 5e pretty well. I really enjoy the roleplay aspect and, yes, I do the voices. I'm also a fan of challenging combat where teamwork and communication are key to success. I love immersion and really like to stay in character so if you like roleplay I'm the GM for you! I'm a pretty generous GM. I allow all official content when creating characters, let you use the point buy system instead of rolling for your stats, I don't worry too much about food or encumbrance, give out plenty of loot, use the milestone leveling up system, and I'm willing to change up my GM style to fit my group better. I get a lot of inspiration from Anime so I love to homebrew powerful abilities and items for my players. If you join one of my campaigns you will be powerful. Ive had players with ability scores well over 20, regeneration, dragon powers, robotic augmentation, and much more! But don't be fooled... I'm generous because my campaigns can be difficult. Make too many foolish mistakes or anger the wrong people and you will find yourself in a bad situation very fast. I'm a fan of immersion and try to have my world react in a way that makes sense. Kill a guard, you'll be arrested. Anger a crime lord, you'll be hunted. Sleep with the bar wench and you'll be... a father. Wait let me roll my d20... yeah, you're a father. So please join me on an adventure. I'll take you places you've never been, to see things you've never seen. And with enough skill, bravery, cunning, and luck... You might not die. Hopefully we'll see you there adventurer! 🧙‍♂️

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