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About me

Hello People, My name is Jason Richardson and I have been playing and running RPG games for the last 37years, it was established very early on that my friends had no intention of being the GM, so I stepped into the driving seat, and that's exactly where still am over 30 years later, I love All things RPG and Have a DEGREE in Illustration so I'm often asked to Draw/Paint peoples Characters and my approach to GAMES is usually very visual, and I look forward to engaging in player-centric Narrative driven Story, Bring it On!

GM style

FUN over RULES: I do care about the rules being accurate, but I love bending rules to fit the narrative; I care so much more about telling a cool story and having a fun game, That's why CITY OF MIST RPG is the best fit for me and my style, things are fast-paced and epic in scope and the story will always spin around the players that are most engaged but its more about the player's overall EXPERIENCE.

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