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About me

I have 14 years of experience DMing groups with a wide variety of themes, genres, and demographics, and have run countless sessions of Dungeons and Dragons, along with many other Tabletop games. I have created worlds, drawn maps, helped players create characters, and have all of the skills needed to help you tell your story, whether for one shots or long term campaigns. Additionally, I have been a player for even longer. I know how the DM impacts the overall experience for the players and what qualities to avoid as a DM. Whether they are celebrating an incredible victory, or licking their wounds after a painful loss, I make sure that my players are having a good time. Roleplay, Combat, Puzzles, Political Intrigue, whatever you're looking for, I can bring it to the table.

GM style

Generally, I build the type of experience my players are looking for. I prefer making my own content over running modules, because I despise railroading, so if I have to plan a bunch of new content for a module anyway to avoid that, I might as well put in a little extra effort to create an experience tailor made for my players. More specifically, Immersion and fun are most important to me, so I allow my players the freedom to do just about anything with their characters, as long as they understand that the reaction from the world they are playing in will be consistent and will be realistic to the setting. I play by the rules of the game for the most part, only changing or cutting things when the table and I agree that there is another way that works better for us. I will allow homebrewed characters and classes from time to time, but only if I can guarantee that it will not negatively effect the game or the other players.

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