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I'm a story-first GM bringing years of acting and improv training to a game that I love. Join me and we'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll constantly reassert the ideal that If it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid. I love a narrative focus and viewing the rules more as guidelines. I love crafting stories for the characters involved, getting to know the players and responding to what they bring to the table. I also love short walks on the beach and a nice tawny port, but that doesn't seem overly relevant here.

GM style

I've built an entirely too-large home-brew world that your characters can roam around in to their hearts' content. Want to follow the roadsigns toward an obvious adventure? Great! Want to spend an hour making me concoct the family tree of the blacksmith's assistant? Fine! Storylines will intertwine, NPCs will be called back, and the story will always be 100% unique. I love helping new players find their footing, and am happy to adjust to veterans' styles as well. The joy for me is in the uniqueness of each character and the infinite replayability of every journey. If you've found this website, I assume you at least have some experience, but if not, don't let unfamiliarity stop you from reaching out. The joy is in the doing. I never take the game too seriously. If you want to try to seduce the dragon, fart an enemy off of a ship, dress up like the king and try to convince him you're him from the future, throw pockets full of cheese at people, I will always play along. All I ask is that you respect your party members (and me), and that you play honestly and in character. I've played with adults who've known the game since '74 and with children as young as 6. If you can tell a story, you can play D&D, and together we can tell the most amazing stories imaginable.

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