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About me

I have DM/GM'd tabletop games since the late '90s. From Second Edition D&D to Cyberpunk, I love most all TTRPGs. I love the aha moments that players get when they're emotionally invested. Putting them right into the movie. I love to bring excitement, adventure, and drama! And every time a player does something awesome, I get a measure of pride and "Wow how cool was that?!". My goal is, to have a great time with new friends. And these friends can get together and tell amazing stories. We get to be the heroes and I love to see the passion for this hobby grow. I'm not just a fan of TTRPGs, I'm a fan of everyone at my table. Before each game starts I will provide a session zero, we have our own platform and Discord community. I will be available to answer your questions. Ultimately I am wanting you to be able to maximize your game experience. I use lots of theater of the mind, sometimes talespire if the players have that, maps, voices, music, and a community with where you can share adventures with. However, I won't let your experience wreck others' experiences as well. I will listen to you and treat you with kindness and respect. I love new players, but also I love to learn as well. I feel everyone has the ability to communicate and grow with each other. I don't care about your political situation, I don't care about your vax status. I grew up in a time when people could disagree and be friends. So we will not be talking about real-world events, politics, or religion (as best we can, people are people). We're here to play a game and be friends. My ultimate tell a story with you. Together we can create an epic adventure that you can share with your other friends, family, or random Reddit threads. I use lots of theater of the mind, sometimes talespire if the players have that, maps, voices, music, and a community with which you can share adventures.

GM style

Narrative. Audio/Visual Aid, some voices. I love a great story, RP, puzzles, and combat. I love plot twists and throwing curveballs. I try to give players a chance to stay engaged and have a lot of fun. Having fun is serious business.


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