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About me

I am a lifelong nerd who has enjoyed copious amounts of video games, board games, books, movies, comics, tabletop and general nerd/geek culture since I was a kid. I was extremely reserved in elementary school and I, like many others, found solace in things that tantalized my imagination and connected me with others who felt the same. Fantasy culture has been a huge part of my life ever since. I've been writing fantasy and science fiction since I was 14 (now 18 years) and I've been playing and running RPGs since 2008 (13 years). I have a deep love for storytelling, art, and hanging out with great people. D&D checks all three boxes for me and I look forward to meeting a lot of great players here!

GM style

I have a theatre background and I'm a writer. Creating characters that feel real and bringing them to life is my bread and butter. I adapt those characters to exploration, combat, or roleplay to fit what the party likes to do the most. I always give voices to NPCs to keep things interesting as well, and I encourage (not required) my players to do the same with their characters. I've also got a great memory for remembering rules, details, and specifications on monsters and such. My games are always based on respect of the other people playing. This means no murder hoboing, no hate speech or behavior, no being massively distracting/distracted all the time, and in general anything else that is very disruptive to the game or that would make someone feel uncomfortable.


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