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About me

Hello and welcome! I am Mr. Mike. I am a post mortem preservation specialist as well as a licensed mortician. I have also held positions as a private detective and as a counselor for juveniles that were affiliated with the correctional system. I have always had an interest in the horror genre. I started reading Stephen King books in 5th grade, starting with “Cujo”. To date, I have read just over 700 books, my absolute favorite being “Jaws” By Peter Benchley. I do have to mention “Feeders from Within” by Peter Evans, as an awesome read for those Arkham Horror fans out there. How did I get started with role playing games? I grew up in the inner city of Milwaukee, WI. As a juvenile, I was quite delinquent. My friends and I broke into cars and houses and were responsible for various forms of criminal property damage and vandalism. Then, one day a friend made a stop at the WaldenBooks bookstore and he purchased a copy of “DC Heroes Roleplaying Game, 2nd Edition ''. I would wager crime decreased in our neighborhood by 50% as a result. Instead of causing trouble, our free time was spent creating characters and storylines. My big takeaway from all this was that boredom equals trouble for kids. As a parent, I made sure to keep my children occupied. How did I get started with Start Playing? Well, let’s be honest here. Getting a good GM is a roll of the dice. There are really two GM’s that kept me coming back. So at this time I’d like to give a special shout out to “Kim” and “Chris “Fox”. Both can be searched on the site. Participating in their scenarios inspired me to step up to the plate and to start running my own sessions. I just wanted to say Thank You to both and to let them know that I still look to see what they are running and am eager to join whatever times fit into my schedule. In closing, I just wanted to add that there are a ton of great scenarios for Call of Cthulhu. I run a lot of the modules and I try to add 3-4 new ones every month. I wanted to mention that I have two scenarios that I created, “Fit for Duty”. Which takes about 9-12 hours. And “Naked and Afraid…” Well, maybe.” Which is a one shot session that takes around 3 hours. Both are my personal pieces of work and if you’re looking for something new and fresh, there you have it. I also have three new scenarios in progress, and I hope you all keep an eye out for them. Thank you to all those who participated in my games and I love all the kind reviews! Hope to see you soon! Mr. Mike

GM style

I try to create a story that allows players to develop their character. This way when people succeed or fumble rolls the entire party feels something.

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