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Jacob Dunning

2 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Rule of Cool

About me

Hey! I've been running games for a long time, starting with sending my sister's elf down a trapped staircase years and years ago. And you know what? I love running games for people! I love *thinking* about the games I'm going to run for people. There is nothing more fun than seeing what a group of players will get up to.

GM style

Okay, so there's a whole host of things here, various bits of gaming theory and practices and we've all seen it before couched in different degrees of purple let's try to cut to the heart of it all. I love supporting my players. I come to the table with a plan, yes, but ultimately what matters is what the players choose to do. My job is to have my "plan" react to the players in a way that feels realistic, because ultimately I want the actions of the players to have weight, which, you know, can be positive or negative! These games are all virtual, so I try really hard to have visual aids for as many aspects of the game as I can. Sometimes that's a tactical level map, sometimes it's just an evocative image, it depends on what's most appropriate at the time. My games tend to be "roleplay heavy", but I don't demand any real degree of "acting" from my players, however they feel comfortable participating is fine with me. No matter what a player's level of experience is, they're all here to do the same thing, play in the game, so I try to just focus on that and allow them to do what feels comfortable. The only thing that I ask of my players is that they lift each other up and respect each other, if they can do that then they're on their way to becoming a tightly knit team.

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