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About me

Why the nickname? It just stuck. Can I ride a horse yes, not well but, yes. Am I more of a redneck or a hipster? Nobody can actually decide which one I'm more of cause I can crystal ball fix your car & rock floral print anything like it was made for me. The mustache doesn't help either. Yes, I run wild west games cause everybody wants to play in 1902 AD with guns. Just happens that more want to play in 1495 DR with Wizards & Swords. I volunteer DM on Wednesdays at Hobs Hobbies in Strathmore my table is full, however, we have excellent DMs running official modules.

GM style

If you're wondering what it's like to sit at my table, you will learn that I am very new player friendly. I will stop the game to teach a rule even if it's just to one player. I play the game Rules As Written (RAW) with that being a boon to you the players. If I'm doing something wrong I will immediately use the corrected ruling without fuss. Don't let that make you think I'm lawful good. Oh no, I'm Chaotic Good. My goal is to run you a good game that you will talk about for years... & to keep my mouth shut while watching you make terrible decisions, hahaha. In a game with no wrong choices, I am just as excited as you to wander off from my prepared plans in search of something entirely new. I will not railroad you at any point in the game. I will let your successes & failures shape the world around you in a true sandbox environment. It's a subtle aspect of the game at first but 5, 10, 20 sessions in your going to realize that NPCs still remember you & your deeds. The town still has the crumbed walls from that assault from the Giants. The group stalking you in the city is the thieves guild you thwarted 8 sessions ago & has a bounty on your heads in all port towns. I like running longer sessions than most GMs on the site. 3 hours just doesn't seem long enough. To answer the burning question you haven't cast into that group of goblins yet... Boom! I run dynamic combats. If you thought the collaborative storytelling ended with roleplay you are wrong. Need to pick up rocks to cast Magic Stone, very likely laying on the ground. Want to assume there is silverware on the table to throw with Catapult, bet your sweet cheeks there's a wooden spoon to pulverize the enemy. determined to push the enemy off the cliff, Roll me athletics. Flip the table for half cover to get that needed +2AC, spend the action the tables not heavy enough to need a skill check. Pondering climbing the tree to rain arrows down from above, climbing is difficult terrain just use your movement. Getting a running start to jump that 15-foot gorge with a strength score of 16, Yeah you clear it no check required RAW. But, those two foolish goblins following you fell short by about 2 feet, and you hear their screams slowly fading into the darkness. I also run more unfamiliar RPGs you've likely not heard of, Scum & Villainy, Blades in the Dark, Worlds without Numbers, Stars without Numbers, Band of Blades, Wicked Ones, Lazers & Feelings, Dread, Alice is Missing & Pig at a Wedding. LGBTQIAA+ friendly & Neurodivergent friendly. I am very patient, but patience has limits. I will boot you from my games without warning for crossing established boundaries, being prejudistic, being abusive, being dishonest & causing trouble within the group.


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