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About me

I'm an indie tabletop roleplaying game dude who plays a lot of games that focus on storytelling, innovative game play, and collaboration with no or low prep. Some of my top games right now are Wanderhome, Torchbearer, Fall of Magic, Blades in the Dark, Trophy, and Alice is Missing. That's a shortlist, I have many others that interest me and aren't captured on this platform :) I'm a big ol' gay and enjoy being friends with a lot of other ttrpg queers on Twitter! I'm new to this platform so message me if you have questions.

GM style

If you play with me you can expect: * Questions to fill in the blanks about the story * What scene you want to do when it's your turn for the spotlight * Low or no prep * A mix of director's voice (you set the scene), author's voice (you set your story) , and character voice (you describe what your character does) in our gameplay * Follow up questions about who/what/why * Cool tech like One More Multiverse or well organized Discords


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