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About me

Hi, I'm Darren (he/they). As a teen I was lucky enough to discover the world of MUDs and quickly became mesmerized by the ability to share a world with other players in real time (even sans graphics). I could make actions with real consequences to the world, myself, and other players! Then I found myself deep in MMOs on heavy RPPvP servers in games like The Matrix Online, FFXIV, WoW, etc. There I cut my teeth on running in-world player events and putting together machinima projects for my guild(s), not knowing at the time I was planting the seeds of something larger. Professionally I've been on a 10 year odyssey in the games industry where I've worked on World of Tanks, Halo: MCC, League of Legends, and VALORANT for studios like Wargaming, Microsoft, and Riot Games. Alongside all of this I have always been an avid fan of TTRPGs, and now I run an open-world "Blades in the Dark" server, where all players and crews affect the ongoing story of the world. Everyone has that system they fell for, mine is Blades. The heart of every game lies in its players. The table is a space where diversity of thought and background is celebrated, creating a rich tapestry of shared stories and experiences. Here, everyone is welcome, and collaboratively we work to foster a space of creativity and trust.

GM style

Adaptive Gameplay I aim to balance the scales of roleplay and momentum, crafting sessions that cater to the preferences and goals of the players. This is supported by a singular world in which every Blades game I run is played. Choices that you make help shape the world for all players, regardless of which Crew they are in. Industry-Grade Resources I have a wealth of resources to enhance our sessions—customized NPCs, dynamic puzzle scenarios, and detailed floorplans. This also includes an evergreen Foundry server for our shared Blades world that you can log into at any time, and an always-on "players only" Discord server. Fiction First I fucking love STORY. People like to talk about the "rule of cool", but I would like us to frame it as "fiction first" gaming, which we will learn as we play Blades. Safety and Respect Creating a safe environment is paramount. Utilizing tools like pre-game safety surveys, X Cards, and Lines/Veils, I ensure that our adventures are not only exciting but also respectful and inclusive for all. Truly, at the end of the day I don't run 13 different TTRPG systems well, I run one system REALLY well. So whether you're a daring Lurk navigating the treacherous back-alleys of Doskvol or a cunning Whisper calling upon the ghosts of the past, if this is your jam you know where to find me. <3


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