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Copperheade (Robert)

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About me

Hail and well met, adventurer! My name is Robert and I am a life long lover of all things nerdy. I like to dabble in a bit of everything but my favorite hobbies are TTRPGs and video games. I've been playing and DMing since the early 90s starting with AD&D and Tunnels & Trolls. I played a lot throughout 3e and dabbled in a lot of other systems as well. Around the start of 3.5e coming out I took a break from the hobby when I joined the USAF. I skipped over 3.5 and 4e, and came back to the game in 5e and have really enjoyed getting back into the hobby both as a player and as a DM. I enjoy all aspects of the hobby from RPing to exploration to combat and dungeon crawling but leaning more towards RP aspects lately. I believe that D&D is at its best as a collaborative storytelling experience when everyone is working together to explore the stories of their characters, the world, and the other characters in it. Lightning round! Here are (in no particular order) some of my favorite... Books - Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Dresden Files, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movies/Directors - Boondock Saints, SLC Punk, Star Wars, Guy Ritchie, Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino Music - Metal, rock, punk Games - Borderlands, Fallout, Diablo, X-Com, Dark Souls, Brutal Legend, Elder scrolls TV Shows - Futurama, Rick and Morty, Star Trek, Firefly Anime - Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Warhammer 40k armies - Chaos marines, Tyranids I only have a few house rules and they are focused on creating a better playing experience and characters that are more fun to play. Check them out here: If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to ask! I'm looking forward to adventuring with you.

GM style

I love all aspects of the game and I like a balance of different aspects of play in my games. I don't have a specific distribution in mind and am always willing to shift the balance of roleplaying vs combat vs exploration, etc based on what the players want from the game. I love to make people laugh but I also like to strike a balance between seriousness and comedy. I strive to make my table welcoming for people of all genders, orientations and identities. I love meeting people whose backgrounds are different from mine and learning from them and their life experiences. If this bothers you, this table is not the right place for you. As a GM one of my highest priorities is player agency. A core pillar of my games is ensuring the decisions your characters make are meaningful, and have a real impact on the world around them. I love allowing the players' actions to influence the direction of the campaign. I want to give you the opportunity to explore the story of your character and I also love working backstories into the campaign. I don't require long in-depth backstories but the more you give me to work with, the more I can include in the campaign to provide awesome character moments. I am a strong believer in the Rule of Cool and I'm more interested in telling a story rather than following strict rules as written. I am a fairly permissive GM but I also do my best to make sure all the player characters are on a fairly level playing field where everyone has a chance to shine and fulfill their character fantasies. My focus is on balancing things out so that every character gets their time to shine and is able to make meaningful contributions to the party both in and out of combat. I like to use theater of the mind but sometimes battle maps are more appropriate or even necessary to help keep track of where everyone is and what is happening in the thick of an intense battle. I do my best to use the right tool for the job. I want to give all my players memories of awesome moments that you can tell stories about for years to come. Your path will be fraught with danger and peril, but not to an unfair degree. I am not out to be combative and I'm not actively trying to kill characters, but the game is much more interesting when death is a very real possibility and when your choices matter and carry weight.

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