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DM Josh

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About me

D&D nerd since age 7, DM since 6th grade. Gaming has had a huge influence on my life, and I love facilitating the fun and friendships that come with Dungeons & Dragons. These days I focus on 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons using Foundry Virtual Tabletop, writing supplements on DriveThruRPG and running the Copper Dragon Games YouTube channel. I occasionally take on paid DMing gigs, and I'm available on this fine site!

GM style

Here's what you can expect from me as a DM: *Friendly, punctual, and laid-back. *Responsive in between sessions for feedback and questions. *I always have material prepared, but I'm also prepared to improvise when players have off-the-wall creative solutions, or wander off the beaten path. *Knowledge of the 5E system, but willing and ready to handwave rules that would slow down the fun. For example, I don't us getting bogged down tracking non-magical ammunition, or how many rations you purchased when you were in town. I'll also never ask you if your character remembered to go potty or tie their shoes. *I do voice my NPCs, but I'm not a voice actor. Sometimes the voices are comically bad, and that's part of the fun. *Even when all my players are adults, my games will stick to a PG-13 rating. I shoot for a balance of humor and grittiness on par with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. *I use Foundry VTT, Discord, and D&D Beyond for all my games. My setup is very new-player-friendly, so if you've never used Foundry VTT before, don't worry. If you can navigate D&D Beyond, you'll be fine in my games. Here's what I expect of my players: *Respect one another. There's no room at my table for discrimination or harassment, and all are welcome no matter their race, sex, gender, orientation, country of origin, etc. (I left out age because it's a little trickier - kids are also welcome at my table, but I handle that through a different platform. Message me for details.) *During the session, keep rules arguments to a minimum. Respect any on-the-spot ruling and take it up with me after the game ends. *Be an edgy anti-hero if you want, but be a hero. I don’t pay much attention to the alignment on your character sheet, but I’m not interested in running “evil” campaigns. *Keep real-world religion and politics out of the game entirely. *If there's something I can do to improve as a DM, let me know. The feedback helps me grow and make the experience better for everyone! *Have fun!


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