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About me

Hello there! Im a radical GM with some radical ideas that have gotten me laughed out of every academic institution across the contiguous united states, namely that playing the dungeon/dragon game is great and playing it is cool. Im 23 years old, love music maybe more than anything else on the planet and have a firm belief that the one thing tying us all together in these wacky times is a need to escape into fantasy, so I'd be honored to help with that. Im a professional video editor and my expertise when it comes to this game reflects that in no way at all. Ive never memorized a single rule (false), I dont even know what year it is (the far off year of 2005), but I do know one thing: If youre looking for a gm that puts alot of passion and work in behind the scenes when organizing music, maps, backstory connections and all the ambient things that make you more invested in the story of a given game, Im a solid choice. Im one of the zany little wacky little characters that picked up a DMG and hit the ground running as a GM almost immediately after starting to play in general. Ive run more terrible, half thought and quarter-planned games than I can count, but all of that failure early on helped me realize a few important things and grow, namely that it isnt hard to give your players what they want if communication at the table is stressed, and the best games stem from the most open and honest communication

GM style

-Engaging Social Interactions and Roleplay -Well charted backstory integration -Emphasis on player agency -*Ambience* in the form of a bloviated, ever expanding library of music (Always happy to hear recommendations as well!) -Multifaceted Combat Encounters -Above all else, I want to make sure my players are having fun, and that means creating an environment where they feel safe to explore the space in a way they want.


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