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Hello weary travelers, stay awhile and listen. My name is Jason and I have been playing TTRPGs in earnest since 2013 starting with Pathfinder 1e and have been a Game Master since 2016. I excitedly transitioned to Pathfinder 2e during the playtest and have not looked back. I have a current group that has been together since 2019, working their way through our second long term campaign. I have hosted close to if not more than 400 sessions accounting for thousands of hours of play. I am excited to host games for startplaying as TTRPGs are my main hobby and one session a week does not scratch that itch.

GM style

Personally I enjoy a mix of roleplay/combat with a dash of exploration as called for. I myself like to get into the skins of my characters/NPCs to include mannerisms, syntax, diction, accents etc..I do not expect the same of my players but welcome it! I tend not to pull punches in combat, I believe the ever looming threat of danger and death should be an impetus of caution and smart play for the players. I do not fudge dice or anything like that as I believe at the end of the day we all must live with the decisions made and the rulings of the dice gods. That being said, I do tend to err on the side of the players in rulings (applying the "if it's too good to be true" rule of course) and if I have made a rules mistake will generally retroactively correct it or give the PCs some sort of advantage to make up for it. My current group tends to lean more towards combat but our sessions are a healthy mix of that and roleplay though it is not unheard to have an entire session be one or the other. At the end of the day, we are all here to have fun and that includes being respectful of everyone at the table. I play with a diverse mix of people of various genders, ethnicities and political leanings which I believe makes our games richer and more enjoyable. We may occasionally disagree but can always find a way through usually via humor and good will and the understanding our differences makes us as a whole stronger and more complete.

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