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Hello, adventurers! My name is Cody and I love telling a good story with good friends. I came into the TTRPG world fairly recently, but playing and DMing Dungeons and Dragons has quickly become a passion. Players at my table can expect a character-driven, roleplay-heavy, narrative-focused campaign set in my own homebrew world. If you are looking to develop an unhealthy attachment to imaginary characters in an imaginary world, I have a good feeling you'll be a perfect fit!

GM style

What I bring to the table: - A love of epic/high fantasy - Years of professional storytelling (it's my job!) - A detailed and expansive homebrew world - A narrative built for and driven by your characters - Plenty of homebrew magic items, monsters, spells, and subclasses - Lots of accents and voices (quality may vary) - Rules-light gameplay (I love the chaos) - Fewer, but more complex and impactful combats If there's anything you should know about me as a DM, it's that I will be as obsessed with your characters as you are. I love backstories of all shapes and sizes and helping my players fit their characters into the world and narrative of the campaign. For that reason, I strive to put cooperative storytelling at the forefront. How your character reacts and changes are of equal importance to the things that happen to them. Unsurprisingly, role-playing is king in my games, both in and out of combat. It's not unusual for a full session to pass without combat, so I tend to try and make every combat memorable and impactful. The plots of my campaigns definitely tend towards dark and heavy themes, but I always strive to find opportunities for levity and I encourage everyone to be unafraid of goofing around when the time is right!


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