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About me

My name is Cosmin Boicea, but online I am going under the name Valahul, you can call me either of those. I've been DM-in for the past 4 years and I would like to take this to the next level. I run DND 5e campaigns, one-shots, and modules. I am new-players friendly, and will gladly help you to learn D&D, but also a breath of fresh air for veterans. My style of play focuses on player satisfaction, immersion, creating a live world that moves with the players, and making your actions feel impactful. My campaigns focus more on character development, their backstories, and how these intertwine with the main plot. There will be combat, I tend to run at least one combat encounter per session. The RP can be deep and emotional, but also funny and relaxing. As a person, you can always rely on me, if you have any issues with the game, characters, or anything else, I am a message away. You can contact me anytime, and I will answer as fast as possible. I am here to provide a pleasant experience and have fun!

GM style

As your guide, my foremost aim is your satisfaction and immersion in a living, breathing world that reacts and evolves alongside your every decision. Picture a realm with diverse characters, each possessing unique personalities, voices, and appearances. From jovial tavern keepers to enigmatic sorcerers, you'll encounter a wide variety of NPCs who shape the narrative with their presence. I like to run dynamic combat encounters, where sometimes strategy and cunning win over brute force alone. Expect the unexpected as the tide of combat changes and flows with your decisions. Exploration and lore lie around every corner, waiting to reward those who dare to seek and are interested. I tend to run at least one combat encounter per session, rarely exceeding 2 sessions without a fight. In our adventures, we will delve into some serious roleplay moments where emotions run high and characters dig into their feelings. Expect deep conversations that might hit you right in the feels as we explore the struggles and triumphs of our characters. But hey, it's not all serious business! We're also here to have a good time and share some laughs. Get ready for those goofy moments that catch you off guard and have everyone at the table cracking up. Whether it's a hilarious misunderstanding or a ridiculous situation our characters find themselves in, there's always room for some comic relief in our sessions.

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