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About me

Ever since I was handed a Monster Manual from 3e to look into with a friend while we were relaxing in a summer camp cabin, I've been obsessed with lore from the D&D multiverse and sharing it with friends and family. However, given these were meant to be used for a game and I was spending hours talking about it, I was starting to ask myself, "Why am I blabbering on about something that I could let people experience for themselves?" I wanted to start by playing the game to get a sense of how it would go and get the basics. However, I didn't know anybody who was running the game within my community and the best experience I could get was a flash demo on the official website. So, I had no choice but to bite the bullet and get a group of friends and family members together with some starter kits and get the ball rolling. The years after had me tell many stories from the Mists of Ravenloft to the Islands of Kozakura. More importantly, I was learning about the characters that were entering into these settings and the stories they told from their experiences. After I've gotten the hang of the craft of being a DM, I've found that in many of my games, I often have much of the time spent on roleplay or exploration and not so much on combat. This makes it so that a lot of encounters can have avoidable fights unless there is a reason for NPCs (monsters included) to just attack the party unprovoked. If it gets into combat, I try to shorten my side of things by reducing my rolls through mob rules or using the posted average damage (double for critical hits). I also enjoy being fluid with the rules as long as it's fun. There are several supplements I've incorporated in my games with friends to experiment with and keep the game fresh and interesting. So, I'm fine with any new ideas to the table as long as they are within reason and the rest of the table is fine with it as well. Custom rules are perfectly fine as long as I'm aware of them and get to learn about them. I'm open to any negotiations on how they would work at the moment and what type of rolls would be required of them.

GM style

As posted on the "about" info, I like to do a lot of roleplay and exploration. I find a world can feel more alive with the characters you interact with or the scrawled message left by the dragon that wants to keep intruders out of their territory. I'll even throw in references that keen eyes and ears can spot from pop culture and other sources. As much as I understand combat tactics on a creature also play into how it behaves as a character, I find there are also many creative ways for storytelling to where that's not necessary. However, I know this can't be always avoided, so I either try to make some shortcuts to get through the creatures' turns faster or make the best of the situation and tell what they do as their actions are in character. I also try not to be too rigid with the rules. I'm open to negotiations on maneuvers or clever ways to solve problems that are presented. Besides, RAW in any format doesn't account for everything. It took me until Baldur's Gate 3 to even find a good rule on what happens when someone is starting to receive serious blood loss. This also makes it to where I'm fine with custom rules as long as they can make the game fun! The only thing I try to stay rigid with is if there are player boundaries. The last thing I need to do is make my players not have fun because a subject matter or theme makes them feel uncomfortable. I find communication to be very important to establish these boundaries before gameplay and to condemn them when it is crossed. My policy is to give up to two warnings if this happens. If it is crossed the third time after these warnings, the offender is kicked from the game. Thanks to Roll20, depending on what a character presents in the story or if they find a clever way to win a battle or solve a puzzle, I may reward "Inspiration Cards". These have additional effects that can be activated at any time or as soon as you draw the card as printed.

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