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About me

Are you looking for a challenging, satisfying, immersive roleplaying experience from an even-keeled and experienced dungeon master specializing in D&D 5th edition? Do you like to roleplay in an ever-responsive world where your choices matter and anything is possible? Do you like challenging combat encounters that push you to your edge of your resourcefulness and strategic without necessarily resulting in a straight up TPK? Do you want to play in a group where everyone's voice matters, nobody is overlooked, and the group's collective fun is the DM's number one priority? Then look no further! I'm Peter, and I've been the DM for quite a some time- but don't feel bad. I actually quite enjoy it! I find it is one of the few challenges that touches upon so many of my strange combination of experiences and interests, which include the following: -15 years of TTRPG experience starting with D&D 3.5 -Tutoring -Customer Service -Data Analytics -Strategy -Economic Modeling -Statistical Analysis -AI Prompting -Youth Counseling -Servant Style Leadership -Writing -Composing/playing music -10 years in the Army National Guard -Being a caring husband and dad -Watching thousands of hours of D&D/DMing videos on youtube from many great voices in the D&D community, with specific callouts going to: Treantmonk, Pack Tactics, Ginny Di, Critical Role, the Dungeon Dudes, and Jorphdan (the "ph" is silent).

GM style

---Roleplay--- I love to talk in character as I animate your world of NPCs, and I love when my players can meet me there; however, if all you feel up to is describing your character's actions in prose and making die rolls, I'll work with you there and we'll still have fun. As fond as I am of the mechanical aspects of 5e, I tend to treat roleplaying solutions and other outside-of-the-box problem solving very favorably. Many potentially deadly situations can likely be circumvented with the right approach and some well executed ability checks, so optimizing for combat output alone might not be the best way to thrive in my settings. ---Combat--- Whether you're new to this or a seasoned strategy game veteran, it is my objective to hone in on and pinpoint the combined capabilities of my players and their characters and push them to their limits in battle. I believe that the genuine risk of consequences including character death is part of what makes this game invigorating; but fear not, this DM is always on your side. I always strive to ensure neither victory or defeat is a given, but rather to allow my players to have the feeling of genuine agency over the choices their characters make and the consequences. My satisfaction does not stem from seeing player characters forcefully knocked from existence, but from watching them persevere as the possibility of defeat looms over them. That said, being defeated in combat does not always equal death, and even death does not always mean the end (except for when it does.) Note that if my party's power and/or strategizing ever tilts a combat towards a foreseeable and almost-certain victory, I'll usually call the combat early and narratively fast-forward to their victory, occasionally asking for certain resources to be expended if reasonable. I'll narrate and reward the well played and decisive victory and then we'll move on to something more challenging or engaging.

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