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About me

Hey, everyone! I'm a long-time player of D&D and other games. I started running games shortly after I began playing because I simply love telling stories. I've worked in various research fields and currently work in higher education. I also stream and write freelance on the side. I've run LARPs and tabletop games for over twenty years and I still love the rush when people are having fun around the table. I enjoy telling collaborative stories and giving each player a spotlight during the game. We're all here to have fun and roll some dice, and it's always better when we all feel included. It's rewarding as a GM and awesome as a player to see others just having a blast at the table. Those are the stories I love to tell--the ones where everyone gets to shine and contribute to the overall narrative that we're creating. Let's get together and tell some stories.

GM style

My GM style is "involved." I like knowing about and developing characters with my players so that their stories can be woven into the narrative we create together. I like bringing life to both crunchy mechanics and tactics--and drama-driven storylines and narratives. My preference leans toward story-driven narratives... but sometimes you just want to hit a bad guy with an axe. I enjoy both dark and light-hearted games ranging from horror and drama to four-color superhero action. I like making characters feel important in the worlds in which they live as they progress through their journeys. My specialties in horror are body horror and teasing unknown entities lurking in the dark, just beyond perception. I enjoy going for the ominous feeling of things beyond comprehension, but also the shock of seeing wickedness and twisted morality firsthand. There are times for the "lurking bad guy" and times for outright, blatant wickedness. Both have different uses for different stories. In heroic games, as a long-time comic fan, I like working with characters that range from the Captain America spectrum all the way to the anti-hero that has noble goals but questionable methods. In short, I like dealing with a broad assortment of characters. Everyone has a story to tell and my speciality is bringing that story into the light.


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