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About me

Joseph has run role-playing games since he was roughly eleven years old in his family’s bonus room; often playing nonstop for entire weekends. (Isn’t that the dream?!) He has helped others learn to play the games across a multitude of different gaming systems, has conducted RPG summer camps, in-school RPG clubs, lead games for both children and adults, built his own gaming table from scratch with help from his wife, and currently manages three ongoing games for adults on a regular basis from his home that have been continuing for over two years as of this time. Joseph’s favorite game to play is Edge of the Empire, and his favorite game to run is D&D. He collects, prints, builds, and paints miniatures, terrain, and in-game handouts and props for all the games he runs. My wife and I started a small TTRPG business with the goal of expanding the community in our are and beyond called Roll Models Gaming.

GM style

I love to lean into roleplay in any given game. I'll always try to bring my player's character backstories given enough wiggle room, I'm LGBTQIA+ friendly, I want my table to be welcome and fun for everyone. No one should ever feel diminished, overlooked, or unheard at my table. I'll try to include levity but I'm not afraid to add emotional depth. I'll try to follow rules as written for fair and balanced gameplay but I believe in the "rule of cool" and I believe in "rolling with my players" i.e. finding ways to make your creative ideas work vs felling you why they shouldn't or can't. I've had semi professional improv training having worked as part of cast ni the past at my local ren faire in my teens & twenties. I love to immerse my players using props, minis, terrain, and handouts whenever possible. And I've taught and run games players as young as 6 and as old as 60's so far.


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