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About me

Just to confirm, that's me on the right. Tabletop gaming has been THE hobby for me since 2005 and in that time I have managed to build up thousands upon thousands of hours as a DM for a whole host of games and systems, including: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5/4E/5E Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Cyberpunk Red Warhammer: Wrath and Glory Starfinder I have a love for all things Fantasy and Sci/Fi and my games will always showcase a love for all the influences that make us all passionate about the genres! I endeavour to craft great and inspiring stories in my games and have a great track record for helping to weave the characters that my players create into these amazing worlds. I have lost count of the amount of modules and one-shots that I have run (with more lined up down the road) but where I really shine is in longer campaigns, letting people play from low level/experience characters all the way up to the heroes of a story. My campaigns will always start with a session 0 where the players will have a chance to meet one another and discuss the characters that they want to play, as well as receive any help that they might need to get all of those fancy numbers onto a page. I also run through expectations not just from myself, but every player at the table as well as the safety tools that we might use to ensure that everyone has a great time!

GM style

I have a passion for storytelling and worldbuilding. For making each and every character stand out and shine. I ensure that all of my players have their spotlight moment and long stories and campaigns string together a series of disparate characters and stories into one cohesive narrative with decisions that truly matter and can shape the world around them. To use the three pillars of roleplay, Social/Exploration/Combat, I try to keep a careful balance between all three but my greatest strength comes from being able to adapt to what a group of players at my table enjoys. If people like to get down into the nitty gritty tactical number crunch that is gridded combat, then you can expect to see more of that, while another group might prefer the social drama surrounding a uneasy political situation and so the game focuses more on that. While the GM takes the form of the rules arbiter and narrator, the story is there to be shaped by everyone at the table and that's the core of the games that I run. You, potential players tell me what you want to do and where you want to go and I will do my best to make it happen while throwing a few goblin shaped hurdles in the way from time to time, while the steady march of time keeps the narrative moving forwards. While you can expect official modules and adventures for each game and setting, I would also be very excited to showcase my own work in a setting that you could influence in an experince that is wholly dedicated to the characters that you make. I have a whole host of character creation tools and prompts to help new players get into what can at first seem like a daunting hobby as well as an array of safety tools that can be applied on a group by group basis to keep each table feeling safe for those involved.

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