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James "1Hiddensquid1"

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Voices, Creativity

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About me

Greetings, adventurers! I am James, better known as "1HiddenSquid1" in the vast world of gaming. It's a pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance. With several years of experience as a Dungeon Master in the realm of pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons 5e, I've had the honor of crafting fantastical worlds alongside incredible friends. As I embark on my fourth year behind the DM screen, I'm excited to extend an invitation beyond my local game shop and close-knit circle of friends. I want to invite YOU to join in on the magic! Welcome to a world of co-creation and collaboration, where your storytelling prowess is put to the test. A realm where you can cultivate your imagination, temporarily leaving behind the world you know to dive into one meticulously crafted by a community gathered around a virtual table. Here, we delve into stories of Honor, Valor, Glory, Loot, Love, and Loss. Above all else, we set out on these adventures for one reason: FUN. In the campaigns I oversee, I draw inspiration from the official adventure modules crafted by Wizards of the Coast for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. My approach revolves around forging meaningful connections with your characters' backgrounds, beginning with a session zero where we collaboratively create characters tailored to the campaign's overarching theme. Each campaign I embark upon is a unique realm in itself, and my commitment lies in meticulously crafting an immersive atmosphere for every adventure. Whether it's the ominous and eerie setting of Curse of Strahd or the heart-pounding, action-packed intensity of Descent into Avernus, I ensure that each campaign delivers a wholly distinctive and consistent experience. Join me on a journey into the heart of epic storytelling and boundless imagination. Together, we'll traverse uncharted territories, face unimaginable challenges, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Will you answer the call to adventure?

GM style

Collaborative World-Building: I believe in co-creating characters and stories with players, ensuring their backgrounds are woven into the campaign's fabric. Unique Campaign Worlds: Each adventure I run offers a distinct and immersive experience, from eerie atmospheres to heart-pounding intensity. Priority on Fun: Above all, we're here for the joy of storytelling. We explore, face challenges, and create memorable narratives together. In short, my style invites you to join a collaborative and immersive world where character stories matter, unique adventures await, and fun is paramount. Will you embark on this epic journey with us?

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