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Nick the Storyteller

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About me

I am a veteran Storyteller with nineteen years worth of experience leading heroes, villains and monsters in worlds of epic high fantasy and grim dark sci fi. The enjoyment of my players always has come first. So leave such things as reading truly massive tomes of rules and abilities for your precious free time. When you come to my sessions, you come to have fun with like minded people. So have a character concept - what you want your character to do, who he is (his/hers/their story) and let me propose the most optimal and faithful builds for what you wish to play. I am also a miniature painter and so if you are looking for help to take your first steps in bringing the miniature representing your hero to life, it would be included for free (as part of my DM fee for regular sessions). So do not hesitate heroes and let us start our adventure together!

GM style

I find my style of leading a game to be more akin to telling a story. I like to focus on the characters of my parties and tailor the narrative to their specific backgrounds. In this way I do not just lead games as a GM, but tell the story of the party and in this way leave a memorable experience. Not to mention that I have found that this helps players get into their characters. Have you ever wanted to try out all the different builds or just wanted to play all the different personalities you crafted in your head before finally settling on one and creating a character? Well I have and this is the reason I was drawn to DMinng in the first place. I love to create and role play all the interesting NPCs that make the world come alive. As for what type of game you can expect. Well, I believe what separates Table top Role playing games from their video game counterparts is the social aspect. So expect plenty of intrigue and situations that lead to the different personalities of your characters clashing and interacting with each other. Love, conflict, cooperation are the glue that bonds and holds a party together. In just a few sessions you will find that your character has not found just companions on their quest to glory, but comrades in arms. That being said, to those power players and munchkins of all shapes and sizes snickering in the back I say. "Not to worry my friends, I got you covered". You will face hard encounters, that challenge your strategic thinking and if you find a creative way out of them, that I will encourage. You will not hear the words from my mouth "That is overpowered, I will not allow it". Be warned, though. Decades of optimizing my characters have honed my own powerplayer abilities to a formidable degree. So this will be fun for both of us. So do not hesitate and contact me to join my stories, today!

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