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About me

I Live out in the South African countryside on a farm with my wife and new daughter. I started running D&D full time 5 days a week about 3-4 years ago and haven't looked back. I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi, my favourite author would be Brandon Sanderson or Terry Pratchett. I am slowly working my way through running every 5e official adventure and really enjoying it, I only have a couple left at this point. I am taking in everything I can from them and plan to use this knowledge to create an interesting homebrew world, which is currently in the process! Other likes: animals, nature, cooking, gaming.

GM style

My games are all about the players having fun, the rules are just there to guide and facilitate this. I am happy to discuss anything with my players about the game/ their classes/ my DM style and we can always come to an agreement. I like to have a healthy mix of all the gameplay aspects (RP/exploration/combat) but I am happy to cater for the party as needed. I do tend towards more lighthearted comedy but have no problem with serious RP. I am good with voices I think and love to set up the mood with lighting, music, etc... My games do not feature any darker themes like torture, sexual assault etc... Certain things will be allowed "off screen".

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