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About me

Hey y'all, I'm a writer, actor and general lover of storytelling. I run games that are largely meant for the players and everyone to have fun while telling a compelling story. I'm one of those insane theater majors you might have heard about while in college, perhaps you've even seen one of us on our hourly trips to caffeinate. All jokes aside I've been GMing for a few years now and I've loved every second of it, DnD is genuinely one of my favorite things, I love playing with good people and telling fun stories. My tables can often get silly, but I like to think it's just because the players feel safe and open enough to do so. I like to use my acting experience to help come up with characters. Accents are one of my talents when it comes to acting so I like to bring voices to the table (even if I'm incapable of holding down a specific accent for certain characters.) I haven't had the chance to dip my toes in other TTRPGs just quite yet, as I never have quite enough money and time to invest in other systems. I tend toward homebrew worlds as I enjoy the freedom it provides, but there are some modules I'm just dying to try out so we'll see. I prefer theater of the mind, if something about the spacing and such is important to a puzzle I will happily provide and I can bring in maps if the group decides it would be helpful. All that being said I'm hoping to provide a happy, safe and friendly environment for all of us to play in!

GM style

I like to come up with encounters that have a variety of solutions, I've always loved RPGs where you have a dozen different options to succeed and they're all equally as rewarding. Most of my GMing experience comes from shorter term games. One of my beliefs is that every player should have a moment where they get to feel like a hero, every character gets their spotlight moment. Part of doing this involves building your character's backstory into the narrative, whether it's your town that comes under attack, or something more sinister, it all ties back to the players.

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