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Greetings travelers! My name is Liam, and I hope to be your DM! LET THE GAMES BEGIN Through snow-covered peaks you trudge, slowed by the wound that bleeds steadily through your thick pelts, pursued by packs of ferocious, howling yeti. Fur-covered giants twice your size and three times as strong. Horned and clawed. Their bestial shrieking joins with the moaning arctic winds in a song of bloodlust and madness. The Hunt is on. As the Orbital Station plummets to the moon far below, there is little time to reach and repair the gravity stabilizers. Harried now by the deactivated artificial gravity, floating dangerously from deck to deck, and even more so by the machine-mind synthetics, android saboteurs who have orchestrated it all. They won't let you pass. The hum of your blaster just before you take the shot is like music to your ears. In the dark of your bedroom something watches you sleep with numerous unblinking, hungry eyes. It wants what you have. A DM FOR ANY OCCASSION I'm a DM who loves stories in their infinite variety! If you have a game you're dying to play, I might be interested! Send me a message to request your dream game, or play in one of my listed campaigns! New and experienced players alike are welcome!

GM style

DMING PHILOSOPHY I'm a DM who likes to give the players what they want! I collaborate with the party to make adjustments to the world/story/gameplay so that everyone is having the best time possible! Highlights of my games include a plot that is integrated deeply with characters' actions and backstories, many non-combat solutions to challenges to provide variety to gameplay, and a healthy helping of roleplay with a diverse and vibrant cast of memorable (and dare I say loveable) characters to spruce up the world as you journey through it! IMMERSION AND VTT When running an online game I like deliver an immersive experience to all my players. I enjoy getting myself lost in a fantasy world and I work hard so you can too! I utilize the virtual tabletop Roll20 to play carefully curated music playlists for everything from ambient background music to draw players into a host of wondrous environs, to tense and fast-paced combat soundtracks to make the party dread that every decision may be their last. Important NPCs have their own striking character art so there's never any confusion over which of the 3 NPCs with Scottish accents you're currently talking to. All combats are fully mapped out with gorgeous battlegrounds to slug it out in. FILESHARING I have a large collection of RPG homebrew and official content for a host of game systems available to my players through the website MEGA's filesharing. While not exhaustive, it contains dozens if not hundreds of documents I've collected over the years to use in perfecting your ideal character! SAFETY At my table I like to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome, and so I have a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind at the table towards people present or absent. I often check in with players before, during, and after sessions to make sure the content of the game isn't upsetting or objectionable to anyone present, and everyone is still comfortable and having fun. FAREWELL If you still aren't certain if I'm the right fit for you I have a link to a YouTube video of one of my previous sessions in the social media tabs below, enjoy!


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