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About me

Hi, I'm Biki, your welcoming, upbeat DM who likes high-level D&D and being on camera to show you my expressions and mannerisms while playing NPCs. Experience: I've been playing D&D for the last 4 years, as both a player and a dungeon master. Before the pandemic, I co-DMed in person at a local gaming shop for groups ranging in size from 5 to 10 players. At the start of the pandemic, I started my own homebrew game on Discord/Zoom that began at level 5 and completed at level 20. I'm currently running my second campaign in the same world in person, now using a combination of digital and physical DM tools. I use a television as a play screen with a VTT via laptop and physical miniatures and tiles to add to my players' immersion.

GM style

I enjoy high-level D&D, with legendary, very rare magic items, and that's what I hope to bring players here on Start.Playing via one-shots. I prefer to have players who enjoy a fun game of D&D, from all walks of life. I highly encourage teamwork for my players. I'm upbeat and approachable and generally follow the 5e rules, but if you want to try something not written out on the character sheet, just ask away. Combat focus with a touch of roleplay for the one-shots. Light on puzzles. No PvP. Player/NPC voices are not required. I prefer having webcams, but they're not required. We are playing a corporative game, I expect players remember to work with the other players and your DM. Please remember this is a game and and everybody should be having fun. Digital Tools: Dndbeyond (with content sharing for character creation) Above VTT (a free virtual tabletop addon on Chrome & Firefox addon store that incorporates its own voice chat and/or video chat.) It's super easy to use for first-timers. Discord (voice chat if players prefer it over using the built-in VTT chat and backup play area in case of issues with the virtual tabletop.)"

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