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Minhaj Aijaz

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About me

Hey all. I hope everyone is doing well. My name is Minhaj (pronounced Min-Haj). I've been playing games ever since I was a child and my favorite genre is RPGs. Having choices, decisions AND consequences (good or bad) is what makes it fun. I grew up with these types of games and my love for RPGs still hasn't been quenched. I've been a D&D player for over 5 years, but I've also taken up the mantle as Dungeon Master for more than 4 years of that time and it honestly scratches every itch I have when playing roleplaying games. Add into that the social aspect of meeting friends, having fun, messing around, and generally having a good time but also moments of stress, anxiety, and fear for what the next session will bring in terms of combat, drama, horror or suspense. I'm a huge fan of interactive and narrative storytelling. My love for RPGs, movies, music and gaming has allowed me to create stories for my players to enjoy and immerse themselves in. Through D&D I was also able to meet many amazing people who share the same love for RPGs and the community itself is nurturing and welcoming for newer players and DMs. On a personal level, it also helped alot with my social awkwardness, anxiety, creative imagination, attention span, reading and writing as well. I employ a virtual tabletop simulator known as Foundry for maps, combat, music, ambiance, virtual dice, animations, character art and tokens etc so you can feel even more immersed when you play. It also helps you manage your character sheet, notes, and even the math much more easily so you can focus more on the game! I enjoy writing and music a lot and use both extensively to make the players, scenes, and stories feel more alive. Have you ever wanted a cool voice clip to play when its your character's turn in combat? How about a cool animation to play when your warlock casts eldritch blast several times? You can even make your own custom dice! All that and more can be done in Foundry. But, make no mistake; I do enjoy using theater of the mind as well when the need arises. I currently live close to Berlin in Germany so if there are people nearby who are interested then I can also do live sessions. I'm a big fan of letting the players take control of the narrative and letting them explore every aspect of their character as they experience the world and stories that I come up with. I want you to be the heroes of the story but I will challenge your characters physically, mentally and emotionally so that success feels well-earned. I love roleplay and combat in equal measure. I enjoy coming up with cool NPCs and locations for the players to interact with, and also coming up with monsters that are sure to terrify you but feel damn good when you all work together to bring it down. To me, empathy, kindness, respect, open communication and understanding is key and I won't tolerate anyone who ruins the fun for someone else. If there is a problem then I am more than happy to discuss it so you and everyone else can have a good time at my table. If there is something you are not comfortable with or if there are any red flags or triggers that I and the other players need to be made aware of, then we will discuss it in session 0. I also expect you to trust me as your DM and know that I am never against you. D&D is a collaborative and interactive storytelling game where we all play together and have fun! As your GM, I am not infallible; I will make mistakes sometimes too but I am always open to feedback as long as it does not disrupt the game. If you have read this far then I would greatly appreciate your support and your subscription. I hope you have a good day. Take care of yourselves :)

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Heavy emphasis on inter-party and intra-party roleplay Tactical and fast-paced combat

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