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About me

Greetings Travelers! We're Ark and Marceline, a married couple that has been experimenting with a new style of DMing that involves TWO DMs Ark personally has 14+ years of experience running Dungeons and Dragons Games since around the time of 3.5e while the wife Marceline has experience with the 5e version of the game. We each have experience with a multitude of different genres and settings in game. Ark is a more of a laid back and chill personality that plays any and all kind of games, TTRPGs Video Games, Board games. If you name it he has probably played it. Marceline is the more energetic of the two, bubbly and excited to play and created a story with you, as well as being a digital artist for 13 years and around 10 years of creative writing.

GM style

The past last year (2022) we've experimented with the style of having more than one GM at a table and found success in it and decided to make it one of our main ways to run our games. This works mostly like a Pilot and Co-pilot style of handling the game, where one of us handles the main flow of session and the other assists. We work together on prep nights to craft sessions together bouncing ideas back and forth. In session we delegate things to handle during sessions including which NPCs we each roleplay and what creatures and conditions we'll keep track of and control during combat. This offers increased roleplay and less stress and more fluid game experience Our 2 main policies as DMs 📖Roleplay first: Our style emphasizes and facilitates roleplay, the assistance in combat encounters are simply a neat side effect :D 😎Rule of cool is cool: We appreciate our players being creative, and aim to make you feel cool as freck.

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